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Structural pavement assessment in Germany

Pinkofsky, Lutz ; Jansen, Dirk

Originalveröffentlichung: (2018) Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering 12 (2018), 2, S. 183-191

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Freie Schlagwörter (Deutsch): Bemessung des Straßenoberbaus , Belastung , Deutschland , Oberflächentextur , Verfahren
Freie Schlagwörter (Englisch): Germany , Load , Pavement design , Surface texture , Test method
Collection 1: BASt-Beiträge / ITRD Sachgebiete / 50 Bauarbeiten
Collection 2: BASt-Beiträge / ITRD Sachgebiete / 21 Planung von Verkehrsinfrastruktur
Institut: Abteilung Straßenbautechnik
DDC-Sachgruppe: Ingenieurwissenschaften
Dokumentart: Aufsatz
Sprache: Englisch
Erstellungsjahr: 2018
Publikationsdatum: 11.09.2018
Kurzfassung auf Englisch: The aging structure as well as the considerable increase of heavy-traffic load on Germany's motorways and trunk roads encourages the use of innovative, sound and reliable methods for the structural assessment on network level as well as on project level. Essential elements for this are data, which allow a reliable assessment. For a holistic approach to structural pavement assessment performance orientated measurements will be necessary. In combination with functional parameters as well as write-down models, strategically motivated decision making processes will be useful combined with technically motivated decision processes. For the application at the network level, the available methods for performance orientated measurements are still challenging, as they are based either on testing drill-cores or on non traffic speed methods. In recent years significant innovation steps have been made to bring traffic speed bearing capacity measurements and methods for evaluating pavement structures on the road. The paper summarizes the actual assessment procedures in Germany as well as the ongoing work on the development and implementation of new methods and techniques.